Happy Happy Foods is proud to announce that our products and our people are now completely carbon neutral!
Our ‘Climate Happy’ program is based on three core commitments – Measure, Reduce, Offset.



Our Products

Happy Happy Foods has engaged Carbon Cloud, an independent third party emissions consultant, to perform an
all-encompassing carbon emissions assessment of our products. Their assessment includes the emissions produced by the cultivation of our raw materials, transportation, manufacture and distribution.

We are committed to measuring and publishing the carbon footprint of all of our products. We fully embrace the challenge of transparency and accountability, and we encourage other individuals and businesses to do the same.

To find out more about CarbonCloud visit their website. https://www.carboncloud.com

Our People

Furthermore, the overall assessment of our emissions includes the personal carbon footprints of our staff, including their home power bills, weekend activities and personal holidays!


Happy Happy Foods is committed to making continuous environmental improvements through informed and incremental changes, not just with our current operations but also with future products. Our ambitions are not always easy to implement, and sometimes are not possible, but understanding our carbon footprint allows us to strive to be better.

We believe the environment deserves the right to a seat in the boardroom. When making decisions, our focus is to achieve sustainable and environmental outcomes, as well as commercial imperatives. It is our desire to continue to look for ways to improve and strive to implement these actions into our business.

As stated by Director John Cruse: “Our business mission is to continue to develop plant-based options that replace traditional products with an aim to helping consumers reduce their climate impact.”

Our products need to be better for the environment and nutritionally better than the product it is replacing. Introducing sustainable and environmentally conscious products helps others reduce their impact.

By introducing formal measurement, we create awareness that inspires us to make consequential improvements and we encourage our employees to reflect this philosophy in their own spheres of influence.


Our people and our products are 100% offset so that our products come to you 100% carbon neutral. We measure our total carbon footprint on a quarterly basis and purchase carbon credits to offset all of our generated emissions.

Our carbon credits support the 210 MW Musi Hydro Power Plant Project in the Bengkulu region in Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest island, is home to fertile soil that is ideal for growing commodities such as coffee. Despite this, new economic opportunities are limited by rudimentary infrastructure and poor electricity access – and growing energy demands threaten Sumatra’s unique natural ecosystems. As part of one of the most prominent coffee producing regions in the world, Sumatra is an area relied heavily upon by our industry.

This grid-connected run-of-river hydroelectricity plant is built on the upper banks of the Musi River near Sumatra’s port city of Bengkulu. By harnessing the kinetic energy of the powerful running water, the Musi river hydroplane has a total-installed capacity of 210 MW and delivers over 765,000 MWh to Sumatra’s grid every year – that’s enough to meet the demands of over 700,000 Indonesians on average each year. This project addresses issues in rural Sumatra such as poor electricity access and the lack of quality employment opportunities – as well as fostering sustainable economic development.

The Musi River Hydro plant has created quality jobs and upskilling opportunities for locals in what has been traditionally a farming community. A portion of project revenue has been reinvested in the local community to build an orphanage, construct new roads, bridges, and a traditional marketplace – giving the local farmers better access to their rice paddies and the opportunity to pursue additional income. A reforestation program has also been established in the surrounding catchment area to safeguard the natural landscape.

As a Climate Responsible company, we are pleased to offset our carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credit offsets using Pangolin Associates, an Australian Climate Active registered consultant.


Every member of our Happy Happy Foods team is a Carbon Neutral Human. To achieve this, each staff member completed an independent assessment to measure their individual climate footprint. The data in each of our individual reports enables us to then make changes to our habits and lifestyles to reduce our carbon footprint. To ensure each of our team members then become Carbon Neutral, Happy Happy Foods purchases Carbon Credit offsets using Pangolin Associates.

Download our Climate Happy statement