Lloyd and John


We need to talk about a better way of feeding ourselves.

An agricultural report published by the UN has revealed that industrial livestock, including dairy production, contributes to 14.5%* of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The responsibility lies with us to make a change, and we must take action. As consumers we have the choice to change the world we live in, by voting with our dollars, pounds, euro or yen… one purchase at a time.

Moving away from consuming animal products is critical for the environment.

The food system we have built over the last century is a dead end for the future.

This is the first generation to truly see the impact that our consumption, as a whole, is having on the environment and the world that we live in.

Our mission for Happy happy Foods is to make plant-based food and beverages tastier, fun, more mainstream, and better for the environment than the products of the generation before us.

We should never underestimate, on an individual level, how we can contribute to making change.

We welcome you to join us on our Happy Happy journey.