Co-Founder & Director, Sales & Marketing

As a coffee and plant based foods entrepreneur, Lloyd has tasted more coffees than most could dream of.

The combo that has come out on top is a soy latte made with Happy happy Soy Boy and Mumma’s Boy Blend from our friends at Bonnie Coffee.

“It’s simple - Happy happy Soy Boy is creamy, smooth and delicious.”



Co-Founder & Director, Product Development

Food technologist and engineer John knows that it doesn’t get much better than an Almond Daddy latte (I’ve heard he’s partial to a bubble tea, but that’s between us).

“Almond Daddy is just so light and tastes so good!”

Spoiler alert, it’s because there’s no maltodextrin in there John.



Happiness Demand Planner

Meet Krys, our dedicated stock planner. Her job is to ensure that everyone has access to a litre of happiness at all times (thank you, Krys!).

Krys drinks Happy happy Soy Boy with our single estate, organic Mumma Matcha.



Maximum Happiness Officer

We can bet that you have never met someone more organised than Marie.

Marie doesn’t have time to mess around so she keeps things simple with a straight up oat latte.



Developer of Maximum Happiness

Being our resident coffee expert, Alex formerly drank black coffee by default.

These days he’s a firm Almond Daddy convert due to the uninterrupted coffee notes it delivers.



Developer of Maximum Happiness

Originally hailing from the UK, Hannah has swapped the predictable rain of London for the less predictable rain of Melbourne, Australia.

Hannah isn’t as reliant on coffee as the rest of us, so a Happy happy Hot Chocolate paired with Happy happy Soy Boy is her drink of choice.



Maximum Happiness Officer

Thom doesn’t like to admit it but he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth.

The malty sweetness of Happy happy Oat Oat Oat in a large cappuccino is his go-to, and we can’t blame him.